Google Pixel battery life seems as good as expected

One important question on every smartphone owner’s mind when he or she buys one is, “how long will the battery last?” With the Google Pixel phones yet to start shipping, I’m sure those of you that have pre-ordered can’t wait to get your hands on them. Google said they worked on optimizing the battery life and also, a redittor who received review units from Google suggested the battery life on the Google Pixel XL could be stellar. So I’ll assume you are expecting that when you get your device, the battery life will impress you.

It seems another Reddit user has got their hands on the device before launch and spilled their guts after a weekend rendezvous with Google’s Nexus-killer. Here are his battery stats after a full-day of use:

The user mentioned the above activity was logged from 9AM to 10:30PM without charging. That’s 12 hours of real-world use with 40% battery life left, and an estimated 8 hour battery life left.  That adds to about 20 hours of usage. Even though that estimated 8 hours can’t be trusted to last 8 hours really, it is still safe to say the Google Pixel will easily get you through a day.

This graph looks impressive assuming it was done on an actual Google Pixel phone. If it was, then it’s assuring to know that the user also says this is after a real world usage scenario which involves using the camera, navigation, flight mode, phone, and WiFi etc. As you can see, top battery hogs include the screen, the OS, Waze, Android System, Google Services, and Phone idle. They were mostly connected to mobile data except for what appears to be 2 flights including a layover after which it seems they probably flipped on their GPS to navigate around their new locale.

Some additional screenshots provided by the Redditor reveal a bit more:

While this is nowhere near the stellar battery life previously suggested by another user’s stats for the Pixel XL, it is still impressive with 3+ hours of screen on time (4+ hours on average) over 12 hours and 40% battery remaining. Reading comments on the reddit thread you’ll find others share similar sentiments. The user claims that the USB type C fast charger provided is as fast as advertised especially between 20% to 85%

The OP also provides a couple of camera samples so make sure you check the original reddit thread from the source link below.

What do you think of these stats, click on the pictures to get a clearer image and study them yourself if you wish to. I’d be glad to know your opinions and explanations.

Source : Reddit



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