Samsung begins Industry’s first mass production of System-on-Chip with 10-Nanometer FinFET Technology

Considering that the vast majority of Android smartphones are powered by processors designed by Qualcomm, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that Samsung themselves not only design, but also manufacturer smartphone processors. In fact, Samsung has had a recent history of producing processors for even the biggest names such as Qualcomm. Samsung today announced that it has started  mass production of System-on-Chip (SoC) based on 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET technology, as it had promised last year. It also claims that it is the first in the industry to make 10nm SoCs.

Getting set for the next generation of mobile hardware, this new 10nm design uses a 3D transistor structure. The new chips are made with a new smaller manufacturing process, called 10LPE, allows Samsung to save 30 percent on space and use 40 percent less power than before, all while increasing performance by up to 27 percent. This also allows Samsung to overcome scaling limitations, as the company will also introduce  triple-pattern lithography to allow bi-directional routing in order to retain design and routing flexibility from prior nodes.

The company also said that SoCs with the new 10nm process will launch in early 2017, while its second-gen 10nm process (10LPP) with performance boost is targeted for mass production in H2 2017.

We’ve known that Samsung was going to be one of the first in the Industry with the new 10nm FinFET process, but to see it enter mass production this early is something of a surprise. Not because Samsung isn’t capable, of course, Samsung Electronics is a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, but more so because the same announcement said that a tech product launching early 2017 is to feature this very chip. It’s not too hard to put two and two together to reach the conclusion that this means the Galaxy S8 will feature the new SoC Samsung is now producing.

Source : Samsung


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