Google Pixel vs Water : 30 minutes of submersion

Google Pixel and Pixel XL lack the IP67 or IP68 rating of the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 but it does feature some sort of splash resistance if not submersion in water. However, the official ratings take into account a lot of tests, averages and means, and real world performance, be it water resistance or camera, may or may not be as good. At times, it can come out better. So what happens when you submerge a Google Pixel in water, even though it lacks actual water resistance? Or are they not even worth the IP53 rating they arrive with? Take a look at the video below to find out.

The video above shows the Pixel working normally after being splashed and sprayed with water. Then it manages to also survive being submerged in a bowl of water for 30 minutes. While the Pixel may have an IP53 rating, it’s clear that the phone has a good chance of surviving if you accidentally spill a drink on it or drop it into the toilet for a few seconds. Keep in mind that the video is not a lab test and was conducted on only one Pixel. Just because this specific device was not damaged when submerged into a bowl of water, that does not mean every device will survive under the same conditions.

Previously, iPhones have never featured any sort of water or dust resistant ratings however, they still survived being submerged. Many of the Xperia or Galaxy devices featuring high water resistances have been shown to give in to being submerged. So while YouTube tests are fun to watch, and can be assuring or disturbing, the official ratings hold more value.

It is still good to see that the build quality on the Pixel is top-notch as one should expect from a device that costs this much. Also note that this is no way should encourage you to get careless or try something similar. It’s still better to not wash your phone and try to keep it away from water.

The video above was posted by Harris Craycraft on YouTube.


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