Three new Google Pixel ads featuring Youtube stars

The last few weeks have been full of Google Pixel. Google has also been releasing ads almost ever three or four days. They released three ads last week, however until now all the ads have primarily been about a Google Search bar transforming into a Pixel, with various personal themes. Google has now released three more ads however and this time, the ads aren’t as simplistic. These are full blown ads just like you’d expect from Apple or  Samsung. 

The three videos each come with their own dedicated YouTuber in tow. Likewise, the three videos are designed to specifically highlight one of the particular features of the two Pixel phones. The  three huge YouTube stars are: Connor Franta, Alisha Marie, and Todrick Hall.

The first of the three videos is one which stars Todrick Hall and this one looks to highlight the capabilities of the Pixel’s included Google Assistant, with a little help from Google Photos as well.

Speaking of photos, the second video stars Alisha Marie on a glamping trip and looks to show off the camera capabilities of the Pixel and the Pixel XL, including the 12-megapixel camera, its ‘double twist to take a selfie’ feature and its ability to record in 4K.

Last but not least is the third video which not only stars Connor Franta, but also stars a wealth of puppies. All of which help Franta to highlight Google’s video calling app, Duo. Along with its specific abilities like ‘Knock Knock’ which allows people you are calling to see what’s going on before picking up – like when you are surrounding by a trove of puppies.

What do you think about these three Pixel ads from Google? When Google said that it was going to serious about the smartphone market at the launch of the Pixel, the company sure was not joking. The company has advertised its new Pixel handsets more in the last couple of weeks than it ever did for its Nexus devices throughout their lifetime.


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