Samsung announces Galaxy S8 upgrade program for Galaxy Note 7 owners in South Korea

I’ve been traveling for the past 6 days and I wasn’t always connected. So I was worried I’d miss a lot of things happening in our little tech bubble of a world. Turns out, not so much has changed. Google is still struggling with the Pixel stock now and Samsung is still trying to keep customers with it.

The Galaxy Note 7 has brought a lot of headache to customers and it has potentially tarnished Samsung’s reputation as well. Now, Samsung is said to be preparing a new compensation program for Note 7 owners, so they will be able to get the Galaxy S8 for free or for a discounted price. 

Under the program, dubbed Galaxy Upgrade, those trading in their Note 7 unit for either a Galaxy S7 or S7 edge will be able to upgrade to a Galaxy S8 or Note 8 next year. Yes, the upcoming compensation program will only be for customers who exchanged their Note 7 for the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge during the first or second recall.


During the upgrade, customers will only have to shell out 50% of the cost of their replacement Galaxy S7 device. Also included in the upgrade program is a 50% discount on display repair costs, that users would be able to avail twice.

This new compensation program is open until November 30, Samsung will announce the joining method soon after consulting with its carrier partners. Customers will be able to join by submitting a retrospective application. Keep in mind the 50% monthly discount is only for those who have exchanged their Note 7 for as S7.

Those who join the Galaxy Upgrade Program, after signing a two-year contract and paying the monthly fee for 12 months, can change their S7 or S7 Edge for a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 for free. If they wish to change before a year, all they need to do is pay up to the 12 months, Samsung said.

Those who join the program will also get a fast track service for after-sales and twice have 50 percent off display repairs, much like what is offered in the Galaxy Club exchange program.

As of now, Samsung still doesn’t know what caused the overheating issue that’s plaguing the Note 7, according to the Wall Street Journal. It was initially believed that the problem with the device was caused by faulty batteries supplied by Samsung SDI Co. which prompted the first recall and replacement program in early September.

The Galaxy Upgrade program has only been announced for customers in South Korea. Sadly, there’s currently no word on if and when the newly announced Galaxy Upgrade program – or a similar program – will be made available in other markets worldwide.

Of course, we don’t know an awful lot about Samsung’s next generation flagships yet, so it’s not necessarily an easy choice to essentially pre-order and start paying for a phone months in advance. But it’s a good opportunity now for Samsung loyalists to trade in the Note 7. The details of how and what aren’t exactly yet out.

Source : Reuters


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