Pixel News : Why just IP53? This is why; ‘Light Bar’ stickers available

Google’s two new smartphones, the Pixel and the Pixel XL, officially launched last week with much excitement from the consumer. While there is much to love about both phones, which are admittedly the same save for a couple of key details like the screen size and resolution as well as the battery capacity, one feature which both phones are unfortunately missing is the waterproofing that can be found on other high-end flagship devices that were launched this year.

In a recent podcast, Wired’s Kelsey McClellan says Google ran out of time on the phone manufacturing and development which caused them to make a decision to leave waterproofing off of the list of specifications.


Running out of time makes even more sense if you consider that Google reportedly started re-developing the Pixel phones from the start around the end of last year (2015) after having done away with all the work they had previously done on their own phone. While neither device is waterproof, the rating that it does have is better than not having any water resistance rating at all. Having said that, it isn’t recommended that people take less care of their devices or stop worrying about them getting water damage, even though there are reports of people testing the Pixel phones in water with favorable results.

While we’re talking about the Pixel smartphones, there’s something else worth mentioning. The design. Contrary to Google’s colorful design language, be it Google’s own logo or the Material Design on Android, the Google Pixel phones are monotonous slabs of aluminum with a bit of glass. It’s a very boring design to say the least, it’s not ugly, but it doesn’t inspire either like a Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 7.

Google’s Pixel products have always had an understated design, and the same goes for the new Pixel smartphones. However, the design of the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C came with a very unique accent ─ the light bar. What if there was a way you could get the light bar back?

An Android fan named Bill Stebbins has taken it upon himself to add some color to the phone with a set of stickers that you can now buy online. These vinyl decals add a splash of color to the Pixel’s design, and they’re both easy to apply and inexpensive. For $9 in the US and $10 for international orders, they’ll send you two sets for the Pixel XL (two light bars and two four-color “G” logos). Keep in mind that these aren’t available yet for the 5-inch Pixel. So far, there’s no word on when Stebbins will release these same stickers for the standard Pixel smartphone.

To be honest, these stickers do add a little colour but they’re no LED strips. Things like these are a matter of personal preference however, so what do you think? Would you consider getting these homemade stickers for your Pixel XL? I believe these would definitely look much better on the Silver ones.

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