Google partners with uBreakiFix to offer walk-in repairs for Pixel and Pixel XL

With Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL being the new kids on the block, the last thing buyers want is to have either of them damaged or broken. In an attempt to fix its inherent shortcoming of not having a physical retail presence for in-person phone repairs, the search giant teamed up with uBreakiFix to offer walk-in repairs sometime in the near future.

Pixel owners will be able to take their broken phone into any of uBreakiFix’s 250 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, or mail the phone in if you don’t live near a store, and have the phone repaired with genuine OEM parts by trained technicians.


“We are pleased to provide Pixel customers with the quality repair service and exceptional customer experience that have come to define our brand,” said CEO and founder Justin Wetherill. “A broken device shouldn’t have to ruin someone’s day.”

uBreakiFix specializes in same-day repair service of small electronics including mending cracked screens, water damage, software issues, camera issues and most other technical problems in its stores. Stores will be offering special pricing for Google customers, with Pixel screen repairs for $129.99, and Pixel XL screen repairs for $149.99.

Though Google offers its own “Device Protection” insurance service for the Pixels at the rate of $99 for two years (with a $79 deductible), a majority of buyers are likely to skip the insurance offering at the time of purchase. When their phones eventually break, it’s important to know that there’s a Google-backed repair shop that will be able to fix the phone in the same day with the same level of parts and service you’d expect from Google itself. The fact that the prices are reasonable is just another win.

Some might even take it upon themselves to get their phone fixed, an idea that is propelled by iFixIt’s recent Pixel XL teardown, which revealed modular parts that make it relatively simple to replace. However, getting there seems to be quite the risk, since the display assembly makes it difficult to open up the phone without incurring some sort of damage.

You may never have to replace a cracked screen on your Pixel, but knowing that Google is thinking about this and you’ll have a guaranteed option in that time of panic is extremely valuable. Won’t you say?

About uBreakiFix
Founded in 2009, uBreakiFix specializes in the repair of small electronics, ranging from smartphones, game consoles, tablets, computers and everything in between. Cracked screens, water damage, software issues, camera issues, and most any other problem can be repaired by visiting uBreakiFix stores across the U.S. and in Canada. For more information, visit


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