Google is giving away $50 in Play Store credit to some delayed Pixel and Pixel XL pre-orders

As is the case with any major smartphone release, it usually sells pretty well in its opening weeks and months. However, the Pixel and Pixel XL also happen to be two smartphones which are largely representative of a new direction for Google hardware. An aspect which has likely added to their allure and also the number of units which will be sold during the initial availability period.

Reports have been coming through recently that the Pixel and Pixel XL do seem to be selling very well so far,  exceeding Google’s expectations. Which while being great for Google, is probably not so great for consumers who are waiting on their Pixel phone to be delivered. Especially as seeing some models are currently experiencing delayed shipping dates by as much as 3-4 weeks.

If you are one of those buyers who are seeing a delayed shipping date, then it might not be all bad, as reports are now coming in that some Google Pixel pre-order customers are getting $50 in Google Play credit. $50 in Google Play Store credit is nothing to sneeze at. And Google is handing out these credits to those who pre-ordered the Google Pixel or Google Pixel XL handset from Google, and haven’t had the phone shipped to them yet. Also eligible for the $50 Play Store credit are those who pre-ordered either Pixel unit and are just receiving the phone now.

Note that this is not something that has been officially announced by Google, so if your order is delayed or late then there is no guarantee that you definitely will receive the credit. However, reports have been posted by Reddit members, who claimed they have received emails of apology from Google about the tardiness of their Pixel phone shipments. The emails stated, “We know this can be frustrating, but the good news is that we’ve shipped your order and it’s on its way.”

Image Source : +James Scott Jr


The email continued that those customers should received another note, soon after the Pixel phone arrives, that will contain a credit for $50 to use in the Google Play Store. The email concluded by saying, “Again, we’re so sorry — and thank you again for your order.”

If you have received the email from Google telling you to be on the lookout for the credit, have you decided on some of the apps that you are going to install on your Pixel or Pixel XL?

source: Reddit via: 9to5Google


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