Take a look at upcoming Allo chat themes before they officially arrive

Despite the declining user base, Allo has potential, and there are numerous ways to improve the app. In a recent update to Allo, Google introduced many features, not including the most wanted ones yet but still bumping up the version number to 2.0. Later Google revealed a Stranger Things tie-in including a sticker pack and AI assisted scavenger hunt and now it looks like and Google plans to release a bunch of them to the app in the near future.

In an APK teardown of Allo 2.0 it was found that aside from the Monochrome theme option, Allo packs in a lot of other themes that just aren’t enabled yet.

Thanks to 9To5Google’s Stephen Hall who was able to get the latest version of Allo with the themes working on a rooted device, the upcoming themes are available to view so you can start thinking about which one you want to apply the most. It is worth noting that this may be a feature that Google turns on server-side, instead of loading it in through the 2.0 update to the Allo app.

In addition to loading in some new themes, Google will also be adding in a nice little theme picker that looks just as good as it appears to function, and seems to be fairly interactive, as you’ll be able to drag your finger side to side to choose one of the themes, all while the app loads up a preview for you right then and there so you can see what it looks like without having to actually pick it first.

There’s no clear indication of exactly how many themes there will be, but judging by the screenshots there will be at least 9 or 10 of them with names like Watermelon, Moon, Sorbet, and Clouds and styles and designs that match up with the name. When the themes are turned on they will be accessible from the app’s settings menu, with the theme category being listed under the notification sound option.

Currently, with the modified version used to take these screenshots, it seems that you’re suggested to pick a theme every time you start a new conversation (as seen in the three images above), and then you’ll be able to change it at any time from the menu.

Allo launched officially on the Playstore to much fanfare and expectations. While Google never said Allo would be an iMessage for Android, the media did and as we now know from an amazing Chris Nolan movie, “Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.”

And it only made sense that after so many tries before, with Google Talk, Hangouts, Messenger, Google would finally learn and this time bring an app that’s worthy. But Google ended up with just another chat app, which had just one thing going for it, the inbuilt Google Assistant. And now, Allo doesn’t make sense at all. Many think it’d have been better to just incorporate the Assistant in Hangouts.

I still have Allo and Duo, in the hopes that one day they will be better. Currently I have just one friend that does use Allo to communicate with me. I’m hoping SMS support and a desktop client will change things.

Do you still use Allo? Would you come back when SMS support and a desktop or web client is available? What do you think about these themes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: 9To5Google


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