Fix for the annoying Chromecast notification from Facebook

Facebook promised earlier this month that they will be building chromecast support in the Facebook android app which has been available on the iOS app for a while now. It would seem the social networking giant is working towards the promised feature and has been since quite a while actually. These are screenshots from March by a user who found that there was a chromecast icon in his Facebook app and it also worked. Whatever happened to that later.

Now it seems the latest version of the Facebook Android app which is is pushing an annoying chromecast notification with just a white background, a play and a close button tapping either of which does nothing but registers as a tap on the notification itself taking the user to the Facebook app.


I only noticed it yesterday. It happens only when my chromecast is on and I play a video on the Facebook app. The notification then persists unless you force close the app. If you’ve been facing something like this, then you’re obviously not alone and a quick google search reveals there are a lot of users facing this issue who have been mentioning it on the Google product forums, on the facebook support pages among a lot of other places.

The simple way to get rid of this is moving onto a beta version of the app which does not seem to have this problem. Facebook beta version available through the Play Store’s standard beta interface, doesn’t have this bug. I had been a memeber of the Facebook beta group for a while, but my experience was really bad. I’m a beta tester for a lot of apps but the Facebook beta updates were the most frequent with the most bugs often rendering the app useless. Hence I would suggest getting the beta version from APK Mirror for now and then switching back to the stable version once that update is available.

This annoying notification seems to be a precursor to the upcoming chromecast functionality on the app so hopefully we will be seeing a fully working chromecast feature in a couple of updates if not the very next general update. But at least the next update should fix the notification bug at the very least.

The full version of the Facebook app is loathed by many for being resource hungry, among possibly other things and many have moved to the Lite version of the app. I had too until I realized it has some minor limitations that the full version doesn’t. Another alternative is to use Facebook via Chrome and allowing Facebook to send notifications through chrome when asked.  Or just try Swipe for Facebook, which is faster, more stable, and prettier than Facebook’s primary app, and it can handle messages to boot.


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