Moving address bar to the bottom might be an option in Chrome for android in the future

We’re living in a world now where phones are no more trying to be smaller, instead, there are phones with even 6 inches of display, plus bezels. 5.5 inches is kind of the norm these days and I even find using a 5.2 inch screen a bit big for easy one hand use.

It makes sense to bring the most commonly used actions to the bottom of the screen then so they’re easier to reach without performing hand gymnastics. That is exactly what Google may have in mind for the future, at least for the Chrome android app.

A new flag in Chrome dev and Canary, when enabled, moves the address bar to the bottom of the screen. Before we go any further, let’s just state that not every feature from the Chrome dev or Canary builds makes it to the official Chrome app.

This is certainly a work in progress – as is clear by the fact that this is a hidden option in the developer preview and canary builds of the Chrome android app – and also is not a revolutionary new feature as there have been quite a few android browsers with similar design philosophy, however, this time it’s our beloved Google Chrome. The Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 Mobile also has a similar design.



The ‘Chrome Home’ name for the flag is a bit puzzling however since it seems hardly related to to what it does. Perhaps the reason is because moving the address bar to the bottom is not all it is supposed to do and it’s just a part of a bigger feature. What could it be? That is anyone’s guess at the moment.

In any case, whatever it is, I’m hoping if Google does bring this feature, moving the address bar to the bottom should be an optional choice because it looks odd at the bottom doesn’t it?

If you would like to test this out you will need to download Chrome dev or Chrome Canary from the Playstore and then goto  chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home. Alternatively you could just goto ‘chrome://flags’, look for ‘Chrome Home’ and enable it manually.

There’s probably some time before we may see this on the official app, or we may not at all. Would you like the address bar at the bottom? How about just bringing the action bar in all the android apps to bottom? Share any thoughts or ideas you may have in the comments below.

Via : Android Police


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