Muviz Navbar Audio Visualizer is amazing if you’re into such things

Music is something we all enjoy, at least most of us. And it’s everywhere, from yourown personal libraries, radio stations, treaming stations, advertisements, movies and so on. Remember playing music on your PC when PCs used to be cool? Those amazing lines or circles floating around in the Windows media player when a song was played? I always turned on the visualizer, finding it much more entertaining than staring at the album art — or worse, the placeholder image when no art was available.

A cool visualizer was a also a pretty feature on the earlier versions of the Sony Walkman app on android. But since smartphones aren’t always plugged like PCs, staring at the screen while music plays wasn’t a thing that made sense. This is where Muviz comes in. 

Muviz is an audio visualizer that sits right at the bottom of your screen, above or in the navigation bar or just at the bottom edge if your device doesn’t have on-screen navigation buttons. Working across most music and video apps, it allows for a myriad of different colors, styles, and other fine-tuned settings. But visializer in navbar is something I’ve seen and used before. The best part for most of you? No root required.

The moment you ‘Get Started’ with the app, the first thing it does is ask permission to record audio, basically just to listen to the media playback, analyze it, and output it to your screen. After that it will ask you if you want the visualizer above the navbar or below the navbar (if your device happens to have a navbar that is).

Then you’re taken into a rather large list of visualisations few of which are free to use while the rest, which is most of it, requires that you buy a pro version.  It starts off with different styles, like bars, peaks, lines, squares, and circles. Some of these are pretty cool and some are rather ridiculous, but you get to fine tune the style you chose on the main screen. You can continue to live test all of the choices, and below that you can adjust the shape and colors to your heart’s content. Even in the customization options though many of the shapes are only available if you unlock the pro version.

There are a lot of stock color options however none of which are locked behind the ‘Pro’ banner. The app will also display your wallpaper and offer you a nice selection of colors based on your wallpaper. Then there’s a generic app settings menu which is shown below.



Nothing to explain here, as the options are self explanatory. Scrolling below though shows the option to go Pro if you wish to. When you start any music or video, MUVIZ will automatically starts visualizing. There is not much else to it. You can always delve back into those settings mentioned earlier and try out different things. Here are some screenshots of the app in action.

Now, my artistic talents are pretty limited which a look at the visualization I came up with will make clear to you. I have not run into any stability issues with the app which is usually the case with such apps so that’s a big plus.

Google-Play-Button-NEW-e1460739245700Muviz is free to download on the Playstore but the pro version can be unlocked for a small $1.99 (USD) or ₹120 (INR) which is not a lot considering the amount of customization offered. Of course, that is if you are crazy about these things. I’m pretty okay with the free version myself.


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