Google Assistant can share web articles you’re reading with others

Back when Allo was announced, and even as it was launched to a mixed response to say the least, the most exciting and the only well received aspect of it was the inbuilt Google Assistant. But with the release of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, Google Assistant can finally be put through its paces and users can see to what extent they can use the virtual assistant. So far Google has only advertised the core features of Assistant, such as opening apps, asking questions, creating notes and reminders, along with many other typical information-related queries or tasks.

On the social media side of things, though, not much has been said about how it can help users interact and share content. Social media is an important aspect of the lives of many people, and for the most part, we look at and make posts from our smartphones. The same goes for looking at online content. With Google Assistant, Google wants to make our phones smarter for the things we use them for, so social media is a natural integration. As users are getting their hands in the Pixel, they’re also finding more tricks that are hidden beneath the surface.

Yesterday Google+ user Corey Stock pointed out a Google Assistant feature which he discovered on his Pixel. When a user is reading a specific article on the web, they can bring up Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” or long pressing the home button and saying “share this on Google+/Twitter”.

The assistant will then copy the article link, as well as it’s title and paste this into a tweet or a Google+ post ready to be shared. As of now, it appears the command only works with Google+ and Twitter and SMS texts. Facebook or even other Google apps such as Gmail and the Allo messenger are not compatible yet, though there is a high possibility that the internet giant will expand support for the function if it sees enough user engagement. To send the link in a SMS message just say “send to *contact name*”

Alternatively, you could even say “share to Facebook” and all the assistant hears is “send to Facebook” and opens up the SMS interface anyways. This recently discovered feature is only one of many yet to be discovered and one of the ever-expanding list. As the internet giant collects user feedback, they are sure to bring a number of improvements to Assistant, as well as many new commands and features and it’s clear that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL will play a large part in this process.

Little things like this are what are proving to make Assistant a powerful tool, even if it is still in its infancy. As more people get their hands on Assistant, I can only expect more cool tricks like this to come out.

Have you got your hands on the Google Assistant yet? If you haven’t, and are comfortable with rooting and stuff, here’s how to get the Google Assistant on your non-Pixel device. Try it if you haven’t already.

If you already have the assistant, have you found any such cool tricks you think others haven’t found out? Let us all know in the comments below.


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