T-Mobile’s Black Friday deals leaked early

Although we’re more than three weeks away from Black Friday, the day when many companies sell more than they’ve sold throughout the whole year, the first details about deals that some carriers will offer next month have already emerged. T-Mobile, as they usually do, will be taking part in Black Friday and their list of deals have already leaked out. However, keep in mind that these are not official, but leaked by a Reddit user. So take these with the usual grain of salt. 

t-mobileThese deals are likely to be announced in about two weeks from now, so they might not be final or complete. First of all, you can get a free 4th line when on T-Mobile ONE, but you’ll also be able to get a free iPad 4 Mini via Bill Credits with a wireless plan. The 32GB iPad Pro 9.7 and the iPad Air 2 will be available for $250 off, which is yet another great deal.

As far as free smartphones go, we’re looking at the LG K7, LG K10, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy On5, and the LG G5, all done via bill credits. For Samsung flagships, they are offering Buy One Get One half off, this only applies to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5. Unfortunately the Galaxy S7 Edge is not part of this deal.

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Logitech’s UE Boom 2 and UE Megaboom will be available at T-Mobile for just $99 and $199, respectively. Also, there will be a promotion where they give you an iPhone Accessory bundle for $199, although it’s not mentioned what is included in that bundle.

The redditor who posted this information did also say that there will be another promotion with LG, but that they haven’t heard from LG just yet. It’ll likely include the new LG V20, since the LG G5 is already included in a promotion. For Apple fans, the 16GB iPhone SE will be up for grabs for just $99 after bill credits. Speaking of credits, T-Mobile will also offer a $200 bill credit when you activate 4 lines and port in numbers on each. A $50 bill credit is given away as well when you activate just one line and port in a number.

Have your eyes set on anything?

Source : Reddit Via : AndroidGuys



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