20% off on Pixel and Pixel XL deals from Verizon and T-Mobile extends promo to Simple Choice Unlimited subscribers

Although Verizon has carrier-exclusivity for the Pixel and Pixel XL, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to subscribing to Big Red. Both Pixel devices are carrier-agnostic, meaning you can use them on AT&T or T-Mobile, which led to T-Mobile’s big announcement last week. T-Mobile’s 50% cash back offer is sure to attract a lot of Pixel and Pixel XL buyers towards T-Mobile and this makes the Verizon exclusivity of the Pixels meaningless.

Now Verizon is offering 20% off on the retail price of any phone. The offer applies to other phones besides the Pixels, though they’re likely some the largest savings you’ll find in terms of absolute dollars.nexus2cee_hero-668x287.png

Using the code ‘SAVE20’at checkout, the regular 32GB Pixel drops $130 from $650 down to $520, and the most expensive 128GB variant of the Pixel XL falls from $870 to just $696 — barely more than the cheapest Pixel. Droid Life points out that his code may not work if you are getting a corporate or employer discount. But you can still get $100 off smartphone purchases with payment plan using the code ‘SMART100’

Head on over to Verizon’s online store if you’re considering taking advantage of this opportunity.


It seems like everyone is trying to get customers to buy the new Pixel phones, and T-Mobile has also extended its Pixel promo to customers who have subscribed to its Simple Choice Unlimited plan as well. Rejoice!

For those of you who aren’t mobile data plan fanatics, Simple Choice Unlimited was a plan that included unlimited LTE data. The speeds were cut down after a usage of 26GB sure, but that almost never actually impacted anyone. The Simple Choice plan was later discontinued when T-Mobile’s ONE came along but many customers held onto their discontinued plans. Those customers will no doubt be pleased to know that they, too, can now receive $325 back in the form of bill credits.

You will still be required to purchase the device from Google at full price upfront (or someone you know), but T-Mobile will then see a $13.55 credit on your monthly bill for 24 months.

If you really are dedicated to both Google and T-Mobile, this seems like a great way to get the best of both worlds and save some money in the process. On the other hand, it just seems as a way for T-Mobile to lock you in for 2-years if you’re committed to recouping the cost of your device.

Sources: T-Mobile, Droid Life



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