DC Legends coming to Android and iOS on November 3! Pre-register now to unlock free bonus at launch

Superheroes are so mainstream today than they’ve ever been. Each year consistently sees movies after movies and now we have just as many comic book based TV shows (and yet the fanboy in me misses the good old Smallville days ). The gaming industry is not that far behind either with several titles such as Injustice and a new spin on the Dark Knight by Telltale.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more of the most popular superheroes are sharing the screen once again with the Joker, Harley Quinn, Doomsday and more this fall. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the upcoming release a new mobile game starring superheroes and super villains at New York Comic Con on Thursday, Oct. 6. The game is set to launch on November 3.



Titled DC Legends, this new game made exclusively for mobile has the player recruiting a team of unlikely characters together from across the DC universe throughout different story lined missions in an attempt to save the world.

In this free-to-play RPG game, a shadow of the Blacked Night prophecy is upon the world and only a team of the best and baddest DC characters can battle Nekron and restore peace.

The video is pretty self-explanatory. Gamers can role-play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Harley Quinn and more as they collect and form teams of superheroes and super villains that are part of their own Justice League, Lantern Corp or Suicide Squad to complete each mission. Each character collected has their own signature abilities, powers and gear, with upgrades available to make them stronger in battle.

New characters can be unlocked via daily and weekly special events that are tied to events inspired by the DC universe. In celebration of Wonder Woman’s 75th anniversary, those who sign up will unlock the coolest heroine at launch. Warner Bros tells us the game will be free-to-play, but we are sure there will be in-app purchases that will help you more easily advance in the game.

Interested? You can go ahead and pre-register on the Google Play Store or through their email service from the link below.

Source : DC Comics


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