Samsung is bringing the gorgeous Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge to the US and other markets

With the Galaxy Note 7’s unfortunate fall, Samsung lost a big chunk of customers. The Note 7 had a lot going for it had it not started exploding. The S pen, larger size, Iris scanner, to name a few but there was also a brand new coral blue variant. Now with the Note 7 out of the market, Samsung has decided to bring its best-selling phone of the year, the Galaxy S7 Edge in a coral blue variant as well as one of the several steps the Korean giant is taking to minimize losses.

Samsung first announced the Coral Blue variant for Asia but is now bringing it to other markets as well. 


Starting November 1, the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will be available in selected markets around the globe. Specific availability details will be announced by each market’s wireless providers and regional Samsung offices.

The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge will be sold by all major carriers and Samsung is making it available starting November 1st with specific availability by region to be announced when it becomes available in each area.

Samsung didn’t note pricing for the phone, but the Asian version was priced in-line with existing models so judging by that, it looks like the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will have the same price tag as the other colors. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t seem to have any plans to bring the new color option to the flat-screen version of the S7.

Though people with a Galaxy S7 edge aren’t going to be swapping out their current phone for the new color, at the very least the blue color option will help it stand out a bit on store shelves for holiday phone buyers. Together with pricing incentives in the final quarter of the year, Samsung is hoping that the Galaxy S7 edge (in all colors) will pick up some of the sales slack created by the Note 7’s recall.

Would you consider buying the coral blue Galaxy S7 Edge or wait for the Galaxy S8?

Source : Samsung


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