Samsung’s AI Assistant for the Galaxy S8 may be known as Bixby

Samsung has undoubtedly suffered a huge setback due to the worldwide mishap triggered by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Not only did the South Korean smartphone giant lose out on the considerable amount of business that their newest flagship could have potentially brought them, the goodwill that was built upon years of hard work was also subjected to annihilation. But Samsung is not about to give up despite the billions of dollars it has lost.

Not to be outdone by its rivals that are betting big on artificial intelligence (AI), Samsung has been rumoured to be working on it’s own AI assistant and now has filed a trademark for a voice-controlled digital assistant called… Bixby.


The trade name filing explains in detail that this brand denotes a “computer software for personal information management, computer application software for smartphones, mobile telephones, portable computers and tablet computers, namely, software used to operate voice recognition system… computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition.”

The trademark filing goes on to state that Bixby is a trademark for a “computer application”, for smartphones as well, that features voice recognition as well as hands-free operation, all of which sounds like some sort of assistant a la Siri and Cortana. Samsung recently purchased Viv Labs earlier this year, a firm that specializes in artificial intelligence as well as virtual assistants like these and it’s very possible that Bixby is to be the name of Samsung’s first virtual assistant, to ship with the Galaxy S8 next Spring.

It’s obviously just speculation right now that the Galaxy S8′s intelligent assistant might be called Bixby but the timing is what makes the whole thing seem plausible. The Galaxy S8 is slated to land on shelves next Spring, shortly after its February reveal, which doesn’t seem like a long time for Samsung to make sure that such a product as this is ready on time. It is, however, possible that Viv Labs already had a product similar to this in the works, and Samsung and their team are simply reworking it.


Samsung has become a big name in the world of the Internet of Things, offering a number of smart appliances and such, a virtual assistant to bring all of this together wouldn’t be a bad thing. What do you think? Certainly, some of you could suggest a better name for Samsung’s AI Assistant in the comments.

Source : Kipris Via : IBTimes


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