Google Search widget on Android reportedly getting a circular face lift

It seems Google is looking to change quite a few things design wise since the Google Pixel happened. There have been reports of changes in the Playstore UI, a transparent Google Search subwidget, and moving the address bar in Chrome to the bottom among others. Of course, Google never has been shy about introducing changes to the way many of its apps look, feel and operate. Recently though, those changes have been coming much thicker and much faster.

Now it seems Google is in the process of testing a new design for that longer and more commonly-encountered Google Search widget. Reports are coming in that the regular rectangular bar has been changed to one with rounded edges, along with a microphone icon on the right side and the “G” logo on the left.


As you can see from the image above, courtesy of Android Police, the new look Search bar is one which adopts the same sort of length as its predecessor, but is significantly different in shape, style and design. It’s a bit similar to the Google “pill” look that was put in with the company’s new Pixel phones shown below.


The first and most obvious difference is that the new look adopts a much more circular, or tubular, design and loses most of the squareness that you will find with the older look. In

Image Credit : Android Police

addition, gone is the actual full length Google name and instead, the new designed adopts the multi-colored G icon which Google has been using more often of late.

Android Police notes that the new rounded Google search bar widget has been spotted by some users as a change from the standalone version, its 4×1 search widget to be exact, and not in the persistent search widget on the Google now launcher. It’s likely that Google is testing the look of this design with a small section of the Android audience before deciding whether or not to roll it out worldwide. At the moment, it is not known as to whether this new design will be rolling out to all users anytime soon if at all.

So what do you have to say about this new rounder look? Do you like it? Or do you prefer the old rectangular card like widget? How about the “pill” widget from the Pixel? Engrave your opinions in the comments below.

 Source : Android Police


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