A new Nokia smartphone leaked in images

Day after day we are getting more news about the Nokia’s upcoming smartphones. The information we get from most of the sources is not reliable as one contradicts the other. However, after an official confirmation that Nokia is looking to return into the smartphone game, recently HMD Global, Nokia’s now parent company made an announcement about a marketing campaign for their new Nokia smartphones.

They have already appointed a UK-based independent PR agency Mother to take care of the marketing campaign but it seems like there will not be any Nokia smartphones until early 2017. However, we may not need to wait till then to get a sneak peek. Below are some alleged leaked images of a Nokia smartphone. 


These images show what looks like a metallic body in two colors : Silver and matte black. The antenna bands are at the top and bottom in a very iPhone-ish fashion. The back also shows space for a camera and what could only possibly be a finger print scanner right below it.


The phone looks like it will sport a slim frame with curved corners. The back gives an appearance of the slightly pillow-shaped design that should feel good while holding the phone. While it can’t be said with certainty what is is, it may be one of the three smartphones our sources and leaks have revealed.

The Volume rockers and the power button seem to be on the right side quite similar to the arrangement on the Moto Z Play. These images also look a bit similar to the renders leaked earlier except a few subtle changes such as a not so flat back.

When a Nokia executive initially confirmed Nokia’s plans, he revealed Nokia wanted to come up with at least two smartphones by the end of the year but the way things seem now, it looks unlikely. However we still have a few months so you never know. Which of those two, or maybe the other two that Nokia planned for 2017, these images belong to, i anyone’s guess.

Judging by these images though, how do you imagine this Nokia smartphone, whichever one it is? Do you like the 3D render created in your mind? Let me know in the comments below.

Source : Nokia Poweruser


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