Google Playstore gets a new trending section

Google’s Playstore app on android is perhaps the one to have seen the most number of UI changes. Google is always onto something, a slight color change, a larger button, a different download animation, and apart from these the Android maker is always looking to incorporate some new feature in an effort to make it easier to find things, which equates to users spending more money in Google Play. In fact, Google is currently testing a big redesign of the Playstore UI, exactly as was leaked in the Pixel tips video.

Google has now added a “trending” section in the Entertainment side of the Playstore and not only is it useful, it is incredibly well designed. 

Clicking on one of these “trending” items, you’ll be greeted with more information about these items. For example, Doctor Strange has information from Business Insider who reviewed the movie. And that’s not all that’s included here, there is also a section about the movie, the ability to watch the trailer and then the cast below that. There’s also a popular on YouTube section, showing you videos from the cast’s press tour promoting the movie as well as the trailers. You can also listen to the official soundtrack of the movie. So you literally have just about everything you need to know about a movie, just in case you hadn’t heard of it before.

If you remember there was already a trending section in the Apps side of the Playstore but this new trending section is much different. And that’s for good reason. When it comes to apps, you don’t need all of this information, and typically all of that information isn’t available. The update seems to be available for everybody this time and is not in some testing phase, however, it is possible that it may not have reached you just yet depending on where you live.

So do you like the design of this new section? Do you think there’s some more information it could provide that it doesn’t already? Do you see this new trending section?

Source : Android Police


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