The Playstore UI from the Pixel video is real and is going live for some users

You might remember that leaked Playstore UI from the Pixel video  we talked about, at the time, I said, “don’t take this as just another regular rumour but as a speculating whisper by somebody on the Internet, with two pinches of salt.”

Turns out it wasn’t just that, and it’s real! Now the Playstore has just received a new trending section as well but that’s more of a feature than UI change, although it does come with a cool UI.  This user interface possessed a new color scheme, a larger “Install” button, and more.

A few chosen ones are seeing these changes, as is the case with every feature or UI change Google tests. Exactly as leaked in the video, the Install button now takes up all the empty space and fills the screen nicely while the colorful ratings and downloads icons have gone black. Admittedly, I prefer that as it’s easier on the eyes. The ‘Similar’ icon is completely gone while the ‘category’ (in Chrome Canary’s case, “Productivity”) gets moved down and centered, making it more discernible.


This darker shade of green is also being tested but it’s either this or the larger install button, until now no users have had both these changes together. If you happen to be one of those that are seeing this darker green Playstore UI, you may notice there is no carousel anymore as was the case in the leaked Pixel video. It’s not that big a deal as I said before, but it was a nice thing to have and if I had to nitpick, the removal of the carousel would be my only complain.

Are you seeing any of these changes? Even if not, would you like to? Share your thoughts below.

Source : Android Police


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