Google Home is essentially an overgrown Chromecast but it’s easily repairable

You may have heard about iFixit, contrary to their name, they rip open every new iPhone and lately have been ripping apart quite a few other things. They recently toredown a Google Pixel and it seems, it is now mandated by law, the launch of any new gadget must be accompanied by the obligatory iFixit teardown. Today’s product of choice: Google Home, which gets X-rayed and then prised apart by the site.

This time the biggest findings are just how easy this thing is to repair,  and that the hardware is ripped from the 2015 Chromecast. 

Google Home.png

Other than some issue with the LED board adhered to the top of the casing, iFixit had very little trouble with taking this apart. Upon removal, they found only two microphones — compare that to the Amazon Echo’s seven.

The most interesting finding in this teardown was the guts of the speaker itself. iFixit said they had a bit of déjà vu when they got to the motherboard. Notably, the Home’s processor, flash memory, and RAM are the exact same chips found in the second-generation Chromecast, but with an audio amplifier thrown in for obvious reasons. At its core, the Chromecast was built to send and receive information from the cloud, so it makes sense that the same hardware components would be used on the Home.


The Google Home received a fairly positive review from iFixit because of how modular it is meaning that most parts should be able to be replaced easily were that ever needed. iFixit also notes there are almost no moving parts (which in theory should mean fewer points of failure).There are only standard screws and connectors — so you won’t need any special tools in that regard. All of this earns the Google Home a score of 8 out of 10 from iFixit which is great when compared to most smartphones iFixit breaks.

Source : iFixit


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