Qualcomm teases OnePlus 3T, to be powered by Snapdragon 821

Qualcomm’s latest chipset is the Snapdragon 821, which is not a huge upgrade from the Snapdragon 820, but it is a nice upgrade. It’s already available in a few smartphones like Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL, as well as LeEco’s Le Pro3. Now, according to Qualcomm, OnePlus is working on something that is powered by the Snapdragon 821, as they confirmed on Twitter this morning. Stating “Something new from OnePlus is on the way…and it’s powered by our #Snapdragon 821 processor. Stay Tuned.”

OnePlus has a new device coming soon. If you haven’t been following the rumors and reports, it’s expected to be called the OnePlus 3T, with launch pencilled in for November 14. 

It’s widely believed that Qualcomm is referring to the much-rumored OnePlus 3T, the upgraded version of the OnePlus 3, which was released earlier this year. Originally known as the OnePlus 3S, the 3T is said to launch at least before the end of 2016 if not November 14th. In lieu of getting a proper sequel to the OnePlus 3 right now, the OnePlus 3T seems like a nice filler device—at least until the OnePlus 4 is released next spring.

According to other leaked specifications, the phone is rumored to feature an upgraded Sony IMX395 camera sensor on the backside, 6GB of RAM, and possibly a bump in the storage with Android 7.0+ at launch. The device is expected to cost $480 which is just $80 more than the original OnePlus 3.

From a business perspective, releasing an upgraded version of the OnePlus 3 around the holidays is quite a smart move from OnePlus. It would set itself up for a major redesign/upgrade for the OnePlus 4 next year while also taking advantage of the hole left by the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

How do you feel about OnePlus launching a new device within months of releasing the OnePlus 3? When the rumours began, a few OnePlus 3 owners expressed the feeling of betrayal, is that so with you?

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