The LeapDroid Android Emulator team got acquired by Google

Google is already a behemoth of an employer and the latest addition to the search giant’s burgeoning tech family might make it easier for you to play games and other more complex mobile apps on a Chromebook.

You can already run Android apps on a Chromebook, but would you probably will not run games and other intensive mobile apps on it, yet. LeapDroid is not just another Android emulator, it specialized in games. 


The small team over at LeapDroid, recently revealed that they would be joining the much larger team at Google.

“Today, we’re excited to announce the next phase of our journey — we are joining Google,” LeapDroid founders Huan Ren and Huihong Luo said. “While it’s too soon to comment on specific plans, we look forward to working with our new colleagues at Google to continue pushing the frontier of technology.”

The team isn’t discussing “specific plans,” but they’re halting both development and support for LeapDroid. You can continue running the latest version, but you won’t get anything more than that.


It doesn’t look as though the move was a traditional acquisition, as the team emphasizes that LeapDroid itself is not affiliated with Google, so this is not a flat-out acquisition of the company behind the emulator. It sounds like Google was more interested in hiring the team behind the software.

However it is, the move raises a few possibilities. On a basic level, it could help with Android’s performance in non-native environments — something as fast as LeapDroid could help developers testing Android apps, or give Chrome OS devices an extra boost running mobile titles. In the long term, though, it could be important for that oft-rumored Android/Chrome union.

It’s possible we don’t really see the results of this deal or “acquisition” but it certainly is a step in an interesting direction. What do you think of this move by Google and according to you, what could it mean for the future?

Source : LeapDroid 


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