AnTuTu lists the most popular Android smartphones of Q3 2016

AnTuTu is a benchmarking website most of you have probably heard about thus far. The website tests how powerful smartphone hardware is, and we often find out news about upcoming smartphones because of AnTuTu. AnTuTu tends to release their top 10 smartphone lists from time to time, usually at the end of each quarter, and this time is no different.

This is a list of top 10 popular smartphones for a period from July 1st to September 30th.


A quick look at the above chart will tell you a surprising story. The most popular smartphone in the world, according to AnTutu’s list is the Galaxy note 5, closely followed by the Samsung Galaxy S7 and then the S6 Edge. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 took the fourth place, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is fifth-placed on this list, which means that there are four of Samsung’s devices in the top 5 smartphones, which is quite impressive.

But it seems a bit odd, because if I remember right, the Galaxy S7 Edge outsold the regular Galaxy S7 with quite a margin. And similarly both the Galaxy S7 siblings outsold the Galaxy Note 5 by a large large margin. But then considering the source of this data, which is AnTuTu benchmark’s database, its not hard to imagine that most of those S7 Edge owners, and possibly a lot of other smartphone owners don’t really run benchmarks on their devices.

So I’d suggest you rather consider these lists as the ‘Top 10 Popular Smartphones among enthusiasts’ if you are still keen on going further.


The North American market is dominated mostly by either the stock android warriors or the Samsung Galaxies. The only Chinese smartphone that finds mention on the list is OnePlus -which is again more or less a stock like experience – though which version of the OnePlus isn’t mentioned. The Google Nexus 6P is first on this list, while it is followed by the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy Note 4. The fourth place is claimed by the Google Nexus 6, and the Moto X Style is fifth-placed. The Moto G, Google Nexus 5X, OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S7 Edge are also listed here.


Coming to the second largest smartphone market, apart from the Galaxy S7 at 2nd and the Galaxy S7 Edge at 7th, the list is all Chinese brands. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is first placed here, and it is followed by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Vivo X7. The OPPO R9 is in the fourth place, and the Huawei P9 is in fifth place. The Meizu M3 Note managed to claim 6th place, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge follows in 7th place. The Huawei Honor 8, Xiaomi Mi 5 and the LeEco 2 close down this list.


There is a reason why  Chinese handset makers usually tend to choose India as the first stop for overseas expansion. The market is extremely price sensitive which resembles the Chinese market and it is a huge one. Infact, the third largest smartphone market after US and China, and as such, similar strategies tend to work for the manufacturers. The Redmi Note 3 takes the cake once again followed by LeEco 2, and the Moto G 4th generation. The only flagships by any manufacturer that make it into this list are the OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 2 which are a year and two old.

However, AnTuTu notes that this does not reflect the actual state of the Indian market which is infact dominated by Samsung and local brands such as Micromax. The reason being the same, most Indians are not that keen on running benchmarks.

You’ll find some additional charts in the gallery down below, for some additional countries, just in case you’re interested in checking those out.


Source : AnTuTu

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