OnePlus Australia website is fake, devices still won’t be available in Australia

If you’re not living in Australia, you probably might be surprised to know that OnePlus has yet to bring a phone to Australia. A website went live today and those who spotted it saw a bit of hope, and if you were one of those, you’d probably not like to hear that it’s not an official OnePlus website nor has it any affiliation with the Chinese OEM.

The website sure seems legit and closely mimics the main OnePlus website which makes the intentions questionable.


The website says “We’re Bringing OnePlus to Australia” and sounds as legit as it looks. Once you dig a tad, you’ll now see the message in the website’s “About” section:

We’re not affiliated with OnePlus, but we are determined to bring them down under, and that’s why we’ve set up this site. The more interest we have here, the better chance we’ll have convincing the folks at OnePlus that Australia is a market they want to enter.

This is something they should display on the front page however and this set up looks quite misleading and looks to be in an effort to collect email addresses even if the creator had good intentions.

AusDroid took notice and has a bit more explanation to offer as to why the website is not legitimate. But they also asked OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei right on who has indicated that a “cease and desist” order will be headed to the OnePlus fan’s copycat website. This certainly eliminates the need for anymore explanations or proofs.

There are tons of fake websites on the Internet but why this one got so much traction is because whoever made it was able to snag an otherwise-legitimate URL which makes it so much more believable than say a, for instance.


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