Really Blue Pixel will be back for sale in the Google Store … sometime … but it’s coming

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL went for pre-orders on October 4th and both variants of the limited edition Really Blue Pixel got sold out really really fast. Since then the only Pixels available have been the Silver and Black ones which also got out of stock soon but they came back. The more in-demand Blue one however, never came back for sale It was a limited edition after all.

If you assumed they were never coming back however, like, almost everyone, and were disappointed, you’d be happy to know that the blue Pixel and Pixel XL are going to be restocked too.


The news comes from Android Police, who got in touch with a Google spokesperson after rumors that the Really Blue edition might not become available again. The spokesperson confirmed that the rumours were indeed false and the really cool and really blue color version of the Pixel will be back in stock but the details such as a specific date or time-frame or how many units might be available were not shared.

Customers who are interested in this color are asked to use the store’s waitlist function to be notified but who knows how many minutes would the stock last this time. Hopefully Google will issue a prior notice or warning or something before the Really Blue Pixel is up for sale again.


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