Lenovo to give up its own brand name in favour of Moto for future smartphones

Lenovo bought Motorola from Google as a rather large purchase and since then there has been some confusion as to what Lenovo planned on doing with the acquisition. On one hand, Lenovo replaced almost the entire original Motorola staff, while on the other hand it let the brand Moto not only live but drive some serious innovation in the form of moto mods.

According to an unconfirmed report today, the Chinese manufacturer looks to set a definitive direction going forward. Lenovo may be about to put the branding it received as part of the deal to more use. The report claims the famous “Moto” brand will be placed on all future Lenovo headsets.


Lenovo today launched the Lenovo Moto M in China with no mention of an international launch. The Moto M, apart from the branding, looks completely not Moto and you could rather say it’s a Lenovo with the Moto tag. The announcement can be seen as part of a larger shift in leadership at Lenovo, with the company hoping to improve smartphone sales in mainland China. Gina Qiao, formally SVP of human resources, is now SVP of Lenovo’s Mobile Business Group. She previously worked in marketing and strategy in the company.

It’s not clear whether the killing of the ‘Lenovo’ brand means the death of popular lineups like ‘Phab’ and ‘Vibe’ but what does seem apparently clear is that if true, this could result in diluting the Motorola brand with phones designed and manufactured by Lenovo. Motorola smartphones got popular for two reasons, they offered bang for buck, did not compromise on the quality and were so easy to pickup with just an E, G and X lineup. One immediately knew what sort of device it is.

The Lenovo Moto M seem to be the beginning of a new Moto, which at its core is still Lenovo. ‘Moto’ might just become a brand name sooner than later.

Do you think Lenovo should go ahead and use the moto branding for its smartphones? Would you prefer the Moto brand continues the way it is right now? Comment below.

Source : Campaign

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