Renders provide a glimpse at Samsung Galaxy X, the bendable smartphone

Samsung, along with LG, have been one of the few firms that has been pushing flexible display technology forward in the general market. We’ve seen LG hit the market with the G Flex series of devices, and where Samsung is concerned, they’ve turned to using flexible displays in their mainstream products, such as the Galaxy S7 Edge.

For sometime now though, both the Korean rivals have been reportedly working to take this a step further. A recent LG patent revealed the company was working on bendable, transparent displays. If the rumors are to be believed, 2017 will be an interesting year for smartphones because apparently Samsung also has plans to launch a phone that is foldable.


Codenamed Project Valley, and also known as the Galaxy X, we got another glimpse of the device earlier this week, in some pretty rational and possible patent filings. Now, building on those patents, we can see some renders of what a final device could look like.

This device was previously rumoured to debut at the MWC 2017 but after the Note 7 drama, Samsung seems to be focusing all its efforts on the Galaxy S8 reportedly putting breaks on the rumoured Galaxy X.  Analysts in South Korea remain bullish over this new device and the analyst that tipped the eventual Q2 2017 release timeframe says it’s because the start of mass 6th-gen flexible display production expected around Q3 2017 for both Samsung and LG.

Moreover, there are some renders in a recently published patent discovered by


These renders show off what a foldable Galaxy smartphone from Samsung might look like. Using a hinge system in the center of the device to fold over, it appears as though key components of the device will be split into the two different halves of the device. When fully-folded in on itself, the below renders might remind some readers of Microsoft’s Surface Book hinge design, and while the device appears to be thinner than it is wide, these are just renders, and the final design is likely to change over time.

It would be safe to assume that the creases are where the phone will actually bend. This means that the phone can only be bent in half at the middle, as opposed to its display being bendable at any point in the device. In theory this means that we should be able to fold the phone in half and tuck it away, but unfold it where it will be longer and thus have a larger display.

Do give your two cents on what you think about such a foldable smartphone in the near future.

Via : The Investor, SamMobile

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