Report : Samsung Galaxy S8 display might even be larger than the Note 7

Samsung is plotting new ways of wooing disheartened Note 7 customers with next year’s flagship, apparently. Up until now, rumors have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will sport a 5.1-inch display. A larger model with 5.5-inch display was also an educated guess as it was the case with the previous generation.

The upcoming flagship, expected to launch at MWC 2017 in February (or at a separate event in April),  is said to come in two variants: one with a 5.7-inch display and one with a 6.2-inch display.


It has been speculated that Samsung’s next flagship will feature a bezel-less design with a 90% screen to body ratio. With an end-to-end display, the S8’s dimensions may not have to change significantly from its predecessor to accommodate the larger screen.

There’s been plenty of talk in recent weeks about Samsung being keen to utilize the Galaxy S8 as a tool to mitigate fallout from the Galaxy Note 7 recall. As such, the tech giant wants the Galaxy S8 to be aimed at Galaxy Note series customers as well, hence the larger screen sizes.

Finally, the report also says that the larger-screen variant will carry a Plus moniker which makes sense since the Galaxy S8 will not have a non-edge variant. Earlier rumours have also revealed quite a lot about how all this will be achieved.

What’s your take on this? If you love 5 or 5.1, 5.2 inch phones like me, and were looking forward to the Galaxy S8, you’d certainly prefer this report turns out to be wrong.

Via :  The Investor

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