Samsung’s take on Android Nougat : GraceUX with glimpses of Stock Android

Android Nougat has finally gained some significant ground after more than two months of release. As such there are only a handful of devices running the latest version of Android and most of them are Stock versions, or mostly stock with the notable exceptions of LG V20 and the Huawei Mate 9. Samsung is on the verge of starting a beta test for Android Nougat, but we already seem to have our first look at Samsung’s version of Android Nougat and it looks surprisingly less tinkered with than Samsung is known for.

It is still nowhere close to stock but there are now glimpses of stock Android clearly visible to attentive eyes.

These are screenshots of a beta version out of Korea and for the most part, the Phone screen looks very much like the latest Google Phone on the Playstore and even the notification shade now looks mostly stock nougat like, barring the icons and colors. Or should I say the stock Android’s notification shade has become more Touchwiz like.

In any case, this means direct replies should work as intended even on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which will get the updates first.

Samsung’s so-called Grace UX is still pretty much intact though, with slight changes to color accents throughout. It’d be a lot easier to make sense if I knew Korean.

As you will see in the three short screen recordings below, the UX looks just as smooth as ever, if not more so. Notice the cool animation upon pulling the quicktiles which is also the same as stock Android nougat. Samsung’s camera interface has received a bit of a gesture-friendly spit shine, which was first seen in the now-canceled Galaxy Note 7.

How do you feel about the Grace UX as it is right now? I’m glad to see Samsung continuing the trend to be more stock like, while still managing to differentiate themselves. Here’s hoping that doesn’t change with the final version of the software.

Via : SamMobile

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