Rumour : Samsung might be preparing its own fingerprint scanner chips

Samsung isn’t just the largest smartphone manufacturer, but also one of the biggest players in the mobile semiconductor industry among a lot of other things. Now it’s looking to break into the fingerprint chip market.

The presence of fingerprint sensors on smartphones has seen dramatic rise this year. However, the only main sources for the chips used in these sensors are FPC, from Sweden, and Synaptics, from the United States of America. 


Although smartphone sales are broadly plateauing across the world, with growth expected to slow down to around 2.5% over the next three years, industry experts are expecting fingerprint sensor use to grow as manufacturers embed more technologies into their devices in order to keep up with the competition. As such the demand for fingerprint sensors is only expected to go up.

Samsung already builds several components that go into its smartphones, such as Exynos processors, AMOLED displays which it also sells to competitors and is the largest supplier of said displays in the market and the memory chips (RAMs and SSDs) which again are used in a lot of smartphones including Samsung smartphones.

Gaining control over the underlying components of a smartphone should help the company maintain quality control, contain prices and be far more aware about potential supply issues or snags that might be around the corner. And fingerprint chips seem to be the next step for Samsung.

Industry experts believe that Samsung Electronics LSI division has been involved in fingerprint reader sensor development since 2015 but now the technology is close to commercial deployment: in other words, we could soon be seeing a Samsung-built fingerprint sensor used in Samsung Galaxy Android-powered smartphones.

For now though, don’t expect Samsung to use these sensors in their flagship products, certainly not the Galaxy S8. Samsung is said to be planning to use it in their low and mid-range smartphones, before moving onto their higher-end devices, presumably as it refines the design of the sensor. The Korean giant uses sensors by Synaptics right now and will continue to do so until its own sensors are ready to compete.

Several other South Korean businesses are also involved in the industry apart from Samsung but it is interesting that they are still focusing on that tech despite debuting iris scanning technology in the Note 7 a few months ago, a feature that is also expected to find its way into the Galaxy S8 next year.

Note that this is just a rumour and Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything.

Via : SamMobile

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