Countries with the fastest 4G LTE in 2016

OpenSignal has released their State of LTE report for 2016, which gives us a good look at the accessibility of 4G LTE all over the world. The report is a culmination of efforts and analysis of 17 billion measurements collected from half million OpenSignal users. Compared with last year and even earlier this year, global speeds are up on average, with countries poised to pass the 50 Mb/s speed for the first time very soon. While global infrastructure varies, 4G LTE is now also a faster than the world’s typical broadband speeds.


Starting off with the availability of 4G (time users remain connected to a 4G connection), South Korea leads the pack with 95.7% connectivity to an LTE network, making 4G as geographically ubiquitous as 3G in the country. Considering South Korea is not a very large country, and both Samsung and LG are frequently chosen to test drive the latest mobile technology, the high proliferation of 4G services is not surprising. For the sake of comparison, the United States almost misses the top ten countries for LTE availability in a list of 78 nations.

However, considering the size of the country, the network availability is USA is exceptional compared to countries with similar size.

Here ate the top 5 countries with best 4G coverage

  • South Korea, 95.7%
  • Japan, 92.0%
  • Lithuania, 84.7&
  • Hong Kong, 84.5%
  • Netherlands, 84.1%


Japan was second (92 per cent), Hong Kong fourth (84.5 per cent) and Singapore sixth (82.6 per cent). The Philippines was near the bottom with LTE available 44.8 per cent of the time, while Sri Lanka was last with a score of 40.3 per cent.

What can surprise you is that Singapore makes a huge leap and manages to clinch the crown for the fastest 4G speeds of  45.9 Mb/s on average. Although, forget far behind, I wouldn’t even say South Korea is behind with average speeds of 45.8Mb/s. The United states sits at 11th from the bottom with speeds upto 13.03Mb/s while the United kingdom has average speeds of 21Mb/s.

Here are the top 5 countries with fastest 4G LTE speeds :

  1. Singapore, 45.9 Mb/s
  2. South Korea, 45.8 Mb/s
  3. Hungary, 40.6 Mb/s
  4. Romania, 35.6 Mb/s
  5. New Zealand, 34.9 Mb/s


Indonesia, the Philippines and India were near the bottom of the ranking of 80 countries, with average LTE speeds of 8.8Mb/s, 7.3Mb/s and 6.4Mb/s respectively. It’s also worth noting that apart from New Zealand and India, the trend is mostly of increasing 4G speeds. India’s infrastructure is still under development and it’s quite likely that the increasing number of 4G users, even in the past year, has put a significant strain on national network capacity. That being said, India has seen a significant boost in 4G LTE coverage over the past year, up from just 50% in 2015 to 72% in 2016.

Global 4G speeds averaged 17.4 Mb/s despite several countries going over 20 Mb/s. As this is an average, it is heavily affected by the population numbers of the country. So countries with high speeds but small population are unable to properly offset countries with low speeds and large population, thus bringing down the global average.

The wireless coverage mapping firm noted that while several countries outperformed in both 4G speed and availability, a high score in one category didn’t necessarily mean a high score in the other. It found several countries in various stages of development with impressive speeds but low 4G accessibility, and vice versa.

The U.S. is a prime example of these drastic parallels with near perfect consistency and yet among the poorest network speeds of the countries listed. To take a better look at the interactive charts and more data, do check out OpenSignal’s Full Report.


Do you think the report represents the situation fairly? Is your experience living in your country similar to what the report reflects?

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