OnePlus 3 will receive Android Nougat beta this month

OnePlus 3 users have lots to cheer about as the smartphones are now seemingly confirmed to get their first taste of Android Nougat, as early as this month, via a custom community build.

At Reddit AMA in September, OnePlus had said that the company is “actively working” on Oxygen OS update based on Android 7.0 Nougat. The head of ROM, Brian Yoon, at that time did not share a timeline, however, Yoon has now confirmed to Engadget that a Nougat beta community build will be rolled out this month.


This should allow OnePlus to evaluate the Android Nougat overall usage perspectives and correct issues, if any, found during testing of the beta community firmware. These issues can potentially be set right when the final public build of Android Nougat is deployed to OnePlus 3 owners by the end of the year.

Another update that has surfaced via the Engadget report is the fact that users of the comparatively older OnePlus 2 phones would also be treated to Android Nougat; but an official timeline regarding this rollout is yet to be made public at this juncture. The above information adds substance to multiple earlier reports that had unofficially hinted at OnePlus 3 users getting subjected to Android Nougat treatment by the end of 2016.

“As for updates, if there’s any company feeling the pressure of needing to update fast, it’s OnePlus. We have the most vocal and tech savvy user base, so this point is not lost on us. I believe that now, with our new software team structure, we’ll be able to move a lot faster than before,” said Carl Pei at the AMA.

Earlier this year, OnePlus leadership merged the teams working on HydrogenOS (their software for OnePlus devices in China) and OxygenOS (their software for everywhere else).

This news also comes just a few days before OnePlus reveals its next smartphone, which is rumored to have Nougat installed out of the box. The official reveal will be made on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

My guess is OnePlus may try to make the said community build available right after they launch the new OnePlus phone. Excited for sweet sweet Nougat?

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