Potential Moto X 2017 leaked image and render mock up revealed

This has been an interesting year for Motorola and its fans. Instead of the Moto X 2016, the company brought forth a completely new lineup, the Moto Z family. Many thought of this situation as an ending for the Moto X and any future devices to sport the name. But now it is highly likely that a new Moto X is on the way thanks to the recently leaked Lenovo device roadmap for 2017.

This mocked up render from Tech Droider gives an idea of what a 2017 Moto X phone could look like if it were to be released.


There is no actual way to know if the new Moto X will carry the same design as the render, but the render does have some very similar design elements that can be found on the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play, such as the large circular camera module towards the top of the device on the back, suggesting that the new Moto X will not stray too far from the design of Moto’s latest flagship phone. Although, instead of a glass back, this appears to be made of some kind of metal. There’s no fingerprint scanner on the back so it could either be on the front like other Moto devices or on the display.

Judging by the size of the hand in the picture the device appears to be somewhere around 5 to 5.2 inches. TechDroider believes the device will come in Silver and Gold color variants next year.


The top, sides and bottom of the phone probably wouldn’t look the same when the device comes out officially – assuming the render is true – and will have more or less the same color as the device. These appear to be made of some sort of rubberized material for better grip and protection against drop which is not very unlike the LG V20. For now, there is no confirmation on the design of the phone, and likely won’t be until sometime in the beginning of next year.

While the Moto Z was well received among fans and enthusiasts it also signaled some changes we may not have picked up back then. Motorola was known for simplicity, and not confusing the customer, but that wasn’t the case anymore. Then came the Moto G4 family of devices and then the Moto E variants. So instead of a budget friendly Moto E, a lower mid-range Moto G and a flagship Moto X, Moto a number of devices just like every other OEM.

Then Lenovo dropped the Moto M, a device that has the Moto moniker but doesn’t feel like a Moto device in any way. It probably was a Lenovo device, slapped with the iconic ‘M’ on the back to cash in on the brand that is Moto. Lenovo has even announced that going forth, all its devices will carry the Motorola name.

Source: Techdroider

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