Google Pixel gets hacked in 60 seconds, Apple iPhone not so much

Pwnfest is a hacking competition that takes place in Seoul, South Korea where a team of white hackers named Qihoo 360 unveiled a bug in the system which enabled the team to manipulate Pixel remotely. Pixel’s OS was hacked in time span of just 60 seconds using zero-day vulnerability.

Previously in a similar competition called Pwn2Own, a fully patched Nexus 6P was hacked, an iPhone 6s was partially hacked while the Galaxy S6 couldn’t be hacked at all. 


The team launched Google Play Store and then Google’s mobile version of Chrome on the device using the exploit before displaying a messaged that read “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team”. Qihoo 360 won a cash prize of $120,000 for the hack from Google. The search giant is now already onto the vulnerability and a patch should be out soon if it isn’t already.

Adding to all these exposures, the extremely talented White hacking expert team also bagged $520,000 cash by proudly disclosing some major flaws in Microsoft Edge with Windows 10 OS.

A Google engineer who worked on the Google Pixel recently claimed that the Pixel is just as secure as the iPhone. There are however no reports of anyone claiming the $180,000 offer by Apple for an iOS 10/iPhone 7 Plus exploit but Apple’s updated Safari browser running on MacOS Sierra did fall. All the systems which have been hacked – or not hacked – were running on the latest versions.

Source : The Register

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