Playstore search results get awesomized … or did they?

We’re only 13 days into November, and we’ve seen the Playstore undergo so many changes, some official and some in testing. A new trending section, a revamped UI, and more. Google has finally decided to do something with the Playstore’s search. No, it hasn’t improved its search capabilities yet, but the search results now look better, and have more functionality and information to them. 

This revamped search results has gone live for quite a few people so it appears to be more widespread that some earlier UI tests Google has been doing.

As you can see in the images above, the top search result is displayed as a card with as much info you can possibly get without opening a specific app’s Playstore page along with install and uninstall buttons. Below this is a similar apps section and a recommendation section and if you scroll further below, you see more of the search results.

My initial reaction was “awesome!” but then during the course of writing out this piece, I realized some might say this puts the actual search results just a tad bit harder to reach where you have to now scroll down to see actual results. The information packed card at the top is useful sure, and I love it, but I am not sure about the recommendations and similar apps taking a priority over search results.

Furthermore, we have all seen that advertised app in the search results at the very top often. If these cards get used for that, they might not look so awesome after all.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these new changes?

Source : Reddit

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