T-Mobile bringing Samsung Galaxy S7 in Blue Coral soon

We saw a Blue Coral smartphone for the first time when Samsung brought the Galaxy Note 7. As it turns out, the color was an instant hit among fans and consumers. But with the Note 7 out of market now, the beloved color ended up without a product. Then Samsung decided to bring the Blue Coral to the Galaxy S7 in a bid to boost sales while the Galaxy S8 is getting ready. It already launched in South Korea a few days ago.

And now we have some great news for Samsung fans in the United States, as the highly anticipated Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge will soon make its debut at T-Mobile. 


The report comes via a leaked inventory report for T-Mobile that reveals that the phone is close to getting launched by America’s third largest carrier. While a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge isn’t going to make up for the huge amount of Galaxy Note 7 sales lost, it could help Samsung rack up some additional revenue that it might not have tallied otherwise.

If you look at the list below, you can easily spot “SAM G935T GS7 Edge BLUE” at the third spot as a “New Product” which is soon to be outed into the market. The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is listed as well, and we already know that it should be made available for purchase this month. All this leads to the belief that the Magenta carrier might start selling the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge around November 18 as well.


For the time being, AT&T is the only carrier in the country that offers the Galaxy S7 Edge in Blue Coral. AT&T is accepting orders for the device, and as of this writing, AT&T says that the Blue version will ship between November 14 and November 16.

The smartphone doesn’t cost more than the other color versions of Galaxy S7 Edge but reports suggest that the device might be available in limited quantities.

What do you think about the watery color variant of the Galaxy S7? Do you like it as well? Are you going to buy it?

Via : PhoneArena

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