[APK added] Google Play Music got prettier and now uses machine learning [Download Apk]

Google Play Music is getting a much-needed overhaul starting this week, both inside and out. Google is revamping its Play Music streaming app for Android, iOS and Web to focus heavily on context and personalization. Using machine learning to figure out what music you want to listen to, the app will suggest songs and playlists depending on what time and day it is, where you are, what the local weather is, and other factors that could possibly affect your mood and musical preferences. The update will see a gradual global roll-out, starting this week on Android, iOS and the web version of Google Play Music.


“When you opt in, we’ll deliver personalized music based on where you are and why you are listening — relaxing at home, powering through at work, commuting, flying, exploring new cities, heading out on the town, and everything in between,” Google says in a blog post. “Your workout music is front and center as you walk into the gym, a sunset soundtrack appears just as the sky goes pink, and tunes for focusing turn up at the library.”

The redesigned apps feature a new home screen where you can find these recommendations. However, that appears to be the extent of the visual changes for mobile. On iOS — where the update is already live — ‘My Library’ looks the same. The Android app does see a more prominent search bar on the main screen for faster voice search. Every time you refresh the new home screen, it will offer various playlists that have relevance to your past listening habits. Listen to new releases on Friday? Then it’ll serve them up.

The same goes for upbeat tunes just as you leave work or a collection of tracks from that new artist you’ve just discovered but haven’t had time to catch up on. Google Play Music has also been given a useful feature that determines when you’re without connectivity and automatically delivers an offline playlist based on what you’ve recently listened to.

Google Play Music Web App

Depending on how heavily you’re wired on Google’s services, Play Music will have different amount of information about your musical tastes and preferences at its disposal. If you’re starting just now, don’t expect to get recommendations as plentiful or as diverse as long-time users who have been feeding Play Music with info for years, but the app will learn about you quickly enough and you will quickly begin to see new suggestions and playlists popping up on your device.

That all sounds pretty nifty, and it’ll be interesting to see if these new features will help Google draw users away from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.  Google Play Music recently launched in India while Apple Music has been around in the country  bit longer, spotify has yet to make an appearance. The Internet company noted the update will roll out starting this week in the 62 countries in which Play Music is available, so you should be able to try the revamped interface soon.

Update : APK available for download

The update has just hit the Playstore for some, and it should be coming for you soon. The update brings the recommendations on homescreen as earlier mentioned. There is still an option to see the recently played tracks in the form of a rectangular button in the top right. It’s an odd choice because it usually is a round floating actionbutton adhering to Google’s material design guidelines .

The rest of the app looks the same more or less however there are two minor exceptions here. These happen to be :

Improve your recommendations

Improving your recommendations will open a guided tour through picking genres and favorite bands that will help Google make better guesses about things you might want to hear.

Location history

As the name suggests, Location history simply links into your device’s location history settings where each can be enabled or disabled.

It is quite possible that updating the APK still doesn’t provide you with the new features depending upon which part of the world you live in but do give it a try.

Let us know in the comments below if this worked for you

Download APK from APK Mirror

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