HTC 10 in Europe might be getting Android Nougat by next month or this

HTC promised that owners of their latest flagship — the HTC 10 — and its one-year-old HTC One M9 and One A9 should expect an Android 7 Nougat update some time in Q4 of 2016 back in August . Well, we are well into the middle of Q4 and said users may be getting a bit anxious and probably excited.

This one’s firmly a rumor for the moment, but it comes via a usually reliable source. Twitter’s @LlabTooFeR, who has a solid track record with HTC leaks, says the European variant of the HTC 10, is looking like it’ll get Android 7.0 Nougat around the end of November, or early December.


All the carrier variants will undoubtedly take longer to receive the update, most probably it may reach only by early next year. A glimpse was already provided at the HTC Sense+Android 7.0 in the Sprint-exclusive HTC Bolt, announced in the past week.

Nothing is said about the US crowd, but I don’t imagine it would take long for the new software to cross the pond. Unless you bought a carrier locked HTC 10. Then it will take long.

In another tweet, LlabTooFer had also mentioned about the new Google Pixel test firmware doing the rounds internally. The new build, NMF261 is referred to as Android 7.1.1 making it in the same league as the current developer preview release for the Google Nexus devices. Nothing new about the 7.1.1 versions have yet been revealed. However, there is every chance of Nougat OTAs from both HTC and Samsung before the end of December.

We may be seeing HTC and Samsung rolling out OTA updates around the same time if HTC decides to wait till December.

Do you own an HTC 10? Do you think HTC deserves accolades if they can deliver the update by the end of the year? Or do you think it is too late?

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