Huawei Executive talks about why the company walked away from the Google Pixel

Huawei has been on the rise ever since it became the first Chinese OEM to partner with Google on a Nexus. The company hasn’t looked back and is now openly threatening the market leaders, Apple specifically. Huawei’s Galaxy S7 rival, the Huawei P9 has sold over 9 million units in only 8 months.

The Huawei made Nexus 6P was also one of the best Nexus devices and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Huawei was Google’s first choice for the Google Pixel. However, Huawei later backed out of the project for an unspecified reason. A Huawei executive has now spoken out about the decision.


Colin Giles, the Vice President of Huawei Consumer Business Group, talked to regarding Huawei’s Pixel involvement, confirming some previous rumors about the project.

Giles says the main reason why Huawei backed out because Google wanted its own name exclusively on the smartphone. Huawei, as a Chinese OEM, carries a load of distrust on itself when it comes to the western market. Some don’t trust the quality of Chinese brands, some are more concerned about privacy. As such, Huawei is trying hard to break through the mold in US more specifically, and didn’t want to act purely as a contractor on the Pixel with no visible recognition of its production efforts on the device itself.

So Google turned to HTC, for all the reasons we’ve talked about before. HTC’s involvement in the Pixel is rather clear right from its design to other minor signs such as the company’s name showing in the code but the name or branding doesn’t appear anywhere on the device itself.

Their differences over the Pixel hasn’t strained the relations between the search giant and and the Chinese smartphone leader though and rumours suggest Huawei may be developing another Google product in 2017, of course, with its branding appearing alongside Google’s.

Do you think Huawei missed out an opportunity? Would you have preferred a Huawei made Pixel over HTC’s?

Source : WinFuture (translated)

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