Google acquires Undecidable Labs, a shopping startup, to boost its image search

More tech companies are increasingly turning to deep learning, a subdomain in artificial intelligence that seeks to train neural networks to mine large volumes of data including photos and leverage the structured data to inform decision making. With that in mind, Google continues to make a big bet on AI as previously highlighted by Sundar Pichai.

Last month acquired a small startup called Undecidable Labs, according to a new report. Now co-founder and chief executive Cathy Edwards is head of product and engineering for Google’s image search tool, according to her LinkedIn profile.


Prior to founding Undecidable Labs, Edwards was responsible for product engineering at Apple with focus on App Store, Apple TV, iTunes, and Apple Maps. She succeeded Li Fan, who left Google and joined Pinterest as head of engineering in September. In her new role, Edwards will oversee Google’s engineering and product development for image search, Bloomberg reports.

Undecidable Labs was previously working on turning image searches into purchases before getting acquired. Both parties have refused to disclose the deal agreements. Bloomberg cites an unnamed source for this information.

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Image search has been a key part of Google’s Search business for over a decade now but that area has not been exactly a huge contributor to its revenue stream. It is speculated that Google plans to monetize image searches which is how Undecidable Labs fits into the picture since they more or less were onto something similar. Perhaps giving us a little bit more insight into what this acquisition will mean for Google’s Image Search, a designer at the startup by the name of Stefanie Kraus described the tool on her website:

The purchase research tool offers education around the product space and allows customers to customize their shortlist based on individual needs and preferences. By introducing a filtering system that takes “nice to have” and “ideal” into consideration, we make sure that the products are presented in a meaningful way.

While Undecidable Labs is far from dabbling in the AI arena, its acquisition seems like a good start for Google to make its image search business more lucrative to users and eventually a large revenue source for the company. The idea is to leverage an intelligent image search to make inroads into e-commerce.

Source : Bloomberg


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