iOS devices fail almost twice as much as Android devices

With iOS and Android waged in a long term battle for smartphone market share every quarter, device performance can often play a role in shaping the final results.

According to a report released today by Blancco Technology Group for Q3 2016, Apple is losing the app performance battle to Android with its iPhones and iPads failing at a rate of 62 percent worldwide, compared to the 47 percent failure rate of Android devices.


Newer iPhone and iPad models have struggled with higher failure rates, including iPhone 6 (accounting for 13% of iOS device failures), iPhone 6S (9%), iPhone 5S (9%) and iPad Air 2 (2%). Android doesn’t come out entirely smelling of roses though, the affordable LeEco Le 2 tops the list of devices with the highest failure rate (13%). It’s closely followed by Xiaomi’s Redmi 3S and Redmi Note 3 (9% each), while Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge occupies 4th place with 5%.

Apps crashed on 65% of iOS devices, which is nearly triple the rate of crashing apps on Android devices (25%). iOS users experience the most issues when using Instagram (14%), Snapchat (12%), and Facebook (9%). These three apps reportedly crash the most frequently of all on iOS devices, followed by Pokemon Go, Facebook Messenger and Google.

The Google Play Services app crashed frequently (10%) on Android devices but it was surpassed by IMS Service (32%), Address Book (12%). Moreover, Android users worldwide experienced repeated difficulties with their devices’ battery charging (7%) and screens (6%).

In my very personal opinion, for all the fragmentation and non-uniformity between Android devices (which is great for competition by the way) these numbers are a big achievement for Android and shouldn’t be just dismissed as another statistical report.

Your thoughts on this report? You can read the full report here, and do let me know what you think in the comments below.

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