LG V30 will not have a secondary display

There’s a lot to love about the LG V20 smartphone if you’re into large screen smartphones.Just like the S-Pen defines a Galaxy Note device, a secondary ticker display is the defining feature of LG’s V series.  The LG V10 had it, so did the V20. However, Evan Blass has just tweeted to say he has early renders of the LG V30 and that there is no secondary ticker display to be seen. 


LG is no stranger to quirky experiments in the smartphone field and some of them stick, others don’t. The wide-angle camera as part of a dual camera setup was ushered in cautiously by the same V10 for selfies, and the concept was later promoted to the main camera of the G5 and V20, so we can count that successful. LG ‘Friends’ however, were not much of a success considering the rumours the LG might scrap them, meaning the G6 might not be modular.

As far as the rumour mill goes though, basically nothing is known about the V30 specs or anything else. which is not surprising. The LG V20 was just announced this September after all, so the V30 is a good 9 to 10 months away. Responding to a comment lamenting the removal of the secondary display, Blass also tweeted that it will be replaced by something else. Whatever could that be? Keep guessing, put your beautiful minds to work.

So Blass has the renders, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think he might share them soon. I’ll be updating this post as and when and if that happens so stay tuned. Considering LG’s ‘content creator’ phone is LG’s most popular phone, it is not hard to believe that the next one is already in the works.

And do let know what you think LG should replace the second screen with in the comments below.

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