Android Nougat update rolling out on Sprint’s LG G5

Got a Sprint LG G5? You may want to check for system updates in settings. LG G5 devices in South Korea started receiving the Android Nougat update a couple of weeks ago and now the version of the G5 sold by Sprint in the US are starting to receive the Android upgrade as well.

Sprint and LG are both good with updates, so it’s not a huge surprise that the Sprint G5 is one of the first flagships in the US to get a taste of Nougat-y goodness.


It comes in the form of a 1.27GB over-the-air download, so grabbing it over Wi-Fi is recommended. The update essentially makes the G5 run the UI that LG debuted on the V20 – it’s a version that’s a bit closer to stock Android than what the G5 itself shipped with.

The update brings the security patch level to November 1 and all the Nougat-y features are intact along with an interesting feature that lets you adjust the DPI. Essentially this gives you the ability to increase or decrease the size of the UI. According to the reddit user who took these screenshots, the three DPI settings you can change the UI to are 544, 640, and 720. For those of you who complain about UIs being too blown up, this will definitely be a welcome addition. There’s aso support for themse to an extent, should you get bored of the black on white theme.

Hopefully other carriers will soon follow. The LG G5 marks the third device in the last week to receive the update after the Moto Z and Moto Z Force users began getting all of the awesome improvements within Android Nougat.

Source : Reddit

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