Harman Audio could come to Samsung’s Galaxy Smartphones, but not in the Galaxy S8

Samsung was eyeing Harman to strengthen its connected automobiles business, where Harman is a leading player. But it’s natural to wonder if Samsung will use Harman’s audio experience in its smartphones. Well, wonder no more.

Samsung’s S-series of Galaxy phones may come with high-end Harman speakers in 2018, the company hinted during a press conference in Seoul. The information comes a week after the South Korean tech giant acquired Harman International Industries in a deal worth $8 billion.


“It will take time for the acquisition process to be completed, including the planned shareholders’ vote. After that, we could ramp up efforts for business synergies. If we are to adopt Harman’s high-end audio technology for the Galaxy S series phone, the first model could come in 2018,” said Park Jong-hwan, the head of the Samsung’s automotive division.

This means that the Galaxy S9 (and possibly the Note 8 as well) could feature Harman Audio technology when they are launched. This also indicates that Samsung has finalised its plans for the Galaxy S8 which is rumoured to go official as soon as February 2017.

Harman International Industries is well-known for its high-end audio systems, but is one of the biggest providers of connected products for automakers. While Samsung currently expresses no interest in building cars, the company has confirmed its intentions to dabble in IoT (Internet of Things) networking via Harman’s connected car solutions business.

Mr. Park also confirmed that Harman would remain an independent firm going forward. Samsung had been struggling to make partnerships with auto makers, but Harman’s acquisition should ease its struggle by quite a lot.

Source : The Investor

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