Save your money, ‘Glossy Black’ Galaxy S7 is coming soon

With the Note 7 consigned to the dumpster fire of history, Samsung needs something to fill up the void, as competitors are using the opportunity to sell in their offerings that normally customers might not have considered had the Note 7 still been in market. We’ve already seen the “blue coral” GS7 edge, and now it looks like it may be joined by a darker, glossier version of the “onyx black” color that’s been available from launch.

According to The Korea Herald newspaper yesterday, Samsung is readying to release its own Jet Black Galaxy S7 in December to make up for lost sales stemming from Note 7’s discontinuation.


The first images of that upcoming device have now appeared on Chinese microblogging site, Weibo. The photos show a very shiny, very sexy S7 Edge that’s quite similar to the Olympics Games edition, but without the accents. This is in response to strong sales of the “blue coral” model — a reported 15,000 units daily — in Samsung’s home market.

And yes, you’d have to be pretty naive to not believe the “jet black” iPhone 7 had something to do with that decision as well. The shiny black versions of the Galaxy S7 are expected to arrive in December but I would expect it to arrive as early as possible though, to give it the best chance of being snapped up in time for the holiday buying frenzy.


The images come from the Weibo account of a China-based Samsung official who obviously doesn’t care too much about leaking these images. You can see the glossy back of the device in the above images from several angles.  I’m sure you’d agree, it looks absolutely fantastic. Basically, the outer trim is anodized with a darker paint job, and is also said to have a glossier finish.

It’s a far cry from the space age manufacturing process described in detail by Jony Ive, but hey, at least it shouldn’t get dinged up as easily as notoriously scratch-prone black iPhone. Seeing as the Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7 edge has been launched in several markets, we can expect the Glossy Black unit to follow suit.

Details remain sketchy, but I am here to follow the developments to keep you posted as and when more details emerge.

Would you drop a few extra bucks for a glossy black Galaxy S7?

Via : SamMobile

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