Google Pixel has a weird image bug related to screenshots sent from iPhones

When you take a screenshot, on any device, it is essentially an image and as such, can be viewed on any other device without any problems, unless the format is proprietary and requires special software for access. But screenshots are mostly JPEGs so there shouldn’t be a problem viewing them on any computer or phone.

But according to some Pixel owners who are sent screenshots from an iPhone are receiving a wonky version of the image instead. The market is mature enough today that there aren’t many issues when it comes to cross-device compatibility but apparently, the flagships from Google and Apple don’t really like each other much. nexus2cee_imessage_thumb.png

A discussion on the Google’s product forum details a bizarre bug distorting screenshots sent from the iPhone 7 Plus (the latest and most expensive iPhone) to the Pixel. As you can see in the image above, the screenshot when sent to someone on a Pixel phone appears to be glitched for some reason.

Also oddly enough this only happens when the screenshots are taken by the iPhone 7 Plus and only the iPhone 7 Plus, meaning that the smaller iPhone 7 does not encounter the same problem. It also seems that the problem is specific to certain apps, like when grabbing a screenshot from SMS/MMS or in Hangouts. Furthermore, screenshots have to be taken from within an iPhone app to produce this bug, homescreen screenshots appear as they should.

First party and third-party apps are all affected the same way. The error doesn’t seem to occur in reverse, with images sent from a Pixel to an iPhone. At least one user has reported a similar bug occurring on an older Nexus 6 running Android 7.1 (presumably an AOSP based custom rom since Nexus 6 isn’t getting official Android 7.1 previews) as well.

It’s suggested that this could be because of the way Android 7.1 handles image processing but then shouldn’t this happen with every screenshot and in every app? Why only a certain phone and certain apps right? Meanwhile  Google’s support staff seems to have acknowledged the problem.

However, there’s no indication of when or if a software fix will be forthcoming. It doesn’t seem like too big of an issue and feels more like a minor inconvenience at the moment.

Have you encountered something similar? If you have a friend with an iPhone 7 Plus, you might want to recreate the bug. If you think it’s fun…

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