Cyanogen will reportedly be closing its Seattle Office by the end of the year

Tech companies closing up shop, or at least some of their offices, likely isn’t much of a shock to anyone in this day and age as it might seem like a more common occurrence given the state of competitiveness that goes on. The already troubled Cyanogen Inc. may soon be looking to close up its Seattle-based offices in the near future, as a new rumour report suggests.

The report claims that the company has laid off more of its workforce and plans to shut down its Seattle, Washington office by the end of 2016.


Citing unknown sources, Android Police claims that the future of the company’s co-founder, Steve Kondik, is currently unknown. Steve Kondik’s position at Cyanogen Inc. may be in trouble, although this particular detail was not elaborated on for the time being, and there has been no confirmation from Cyanogen Inc. at this time on this matter either. Kondik was removed from the board of directors last month, allegedly, as part of a managerial shakeup. Kondik’s current role is “Chief Science Officer,” but it was never clear what this position entailed, apart from a reduced authority over Cyanogen’s greater direction.

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Details about the potential upcoming closure of the office in Seattle as well as a new wave of layoffs reportedly came through as an internal announcement at Cyanogen Inc. As is probably suspected, this would have no affect on the progress of CyanogenMod, which is community driven.

There is no detail available on how many people will be affected by these layoffs, but it does mention that some of the Seattle team members will be offered jobs at Cyanogen’s Palo Alto, California location.

Hopefully we will hear something from Cyanogen soon regarding the company’s plans for the future, but until then it seems like there will be pain and it will take a while for things to settle at Cyanogen.

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